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    Does RAM and CPU matter for a fileserver?

    I want to purchase a server that only streams out FLV files and nothing else, and it will be using Lighttpd. Can a low grade P4 handle such a task?

    Can P42.4 1gb ram handle non-stop streaming of files?

    My 1xQuadCore machine with 2gb ram always has 0 load even while pushing out non-stop flv + php processing + mysql. So I am thinking a slower machine won't harm and save me some money?

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    For static content, you really don't need a whole lot of CPU power or memory. If there are large files involved, you may want to have some memory so that a lot of that content is cached, but a gig might do the trick... we've hosted many puny servers (even Celerons) that pushed 30-40Mbps constantly due to it being static content.

    CPU comes in when you're interpreting code (PHP, Perl, CGI), and memory aids with caching & variety of content. If you're static and most of you traffic comes from a few files, you can save some dinero.


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    I think that streaming and static contant are different things. I would say - yes it depends on the CPU RAM. But in any case you need more infor abbout you project to say exactly what you need. - a true hosting company offering online presence solutions since 1998.
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    yes for big files hosting

    get SATA HDD + medium processor (core2duo would come for 100$) + 1gb ram

    that shud b enuf

    pentium 2.4 can not handle it .. loads will be high as pentium 2.4 will be on IDE HDD .. SATA matters for files
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