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    Arrow AWBS 2.7.0 Released - Hypersubmit, Enom SSL, IDN Support and more

    Advanced Webhost Billing System (AWBS) ( has now released version 2.7.0.
    Packed with features, AWBS continues to be designed to attract both beginning webhost companies as well as seasoned veteran companies.

    In addition to the long list of included modules, we are pleased to announce these new additions since our prior version:

    New Enom SSL Module
    -Allows you to resell all of the Enom SSL offerings. The client orders and configures the certs direct from your site.

    New Bpath SEO Module
    -Allows you to resell Hypersubmit offerings direct from your site. Supports both partner and reseller accounts.

    New Domain Registrar Module Enhancements
    -ResellerClub - Privacy Protection
    -Onlinenic - IDN Support
    -Enom - IDN Support
    -IRRP/Key Systems - IDN Support

    Other Features
    -Unlimited clients/data
    -Refugee discount available. Save 20%!
    -All modules included with package purchase
    -Cart based ordering
    -Automated hosting account create/suspend/unsuspend/cancel/upgrade/downgrade
    -Anti-fraud tools (fraud scoring, voice authentication) namespinner integration (account required)
    Supports multiple AWBS copies - Get a company overview from one place

    ....much much more!

    End of the year 15% discount!
    From now until the end of the year, enjoy a 15% discount off the purchase of an owned license for AWBS Hosting Edition.

    Use coupon code: HOLIDAYSPECIAL

    Visit us at for a full list of features and included modules.

    Available with every purchase:
    Free specially priced enom reseller account.
    Specially priced merchant accounts.
    Advanced Webhost Billing System
    (formerly DRAMS)

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    I can vouch for AWBS. It is really worth every cent
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    Yeah but they just killed the zend version without any prior warning. They just announced at 2.7.0 (next version) Zend will no londer supported. That is to force people to start using the ioncube version. One of the reasons i choosed AWBS was it also had Zend like 99% of all vendors. There are several reasons i will not upgrade and im starting to look for a different solution to migrate.

    I choosed to use Zend version and now its not going to be update anymore.
    Ioncube is 50% slower in Speed, uses more CPU and allot more memory.
    Its harder to upgrade everytime, it has more files.

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    I have "multiple" AWBS licenses, BUT, I found out that you CAN NOT transfer ownership of your AWBS software!

    I emailed you guys, and I even asked you what if I developed a website, (which I did) and re-sold it to someone, (which you said I couldn’t)
    Couldn’t that person simply create an account, and have the license transferred to them (or some other similar method that EVERY piece of software I own I am able to do this with? said NO...I would have to buy ANOTHER license then "rebuild" my site, and sell that one!!!

    This came as a surprise to me, (for many reasons) as I didn’t see any reason why AWBS would implement such a policy. Lets just say, It wasn’t for the clients benefit.

    I still own these (not sellable or transferable) AWBS licenses, and I can tell you I spend ALOT each year on upgrading my support on my two Kayako Installations, and other software/scripts’ and I have no problem doing that. I just don’t like being forced to own something FOREVER.

    You guys need to change your policy on that one, as I'm sure most people aren’t even aware that once they buy AWBS they are the owner of it it or not!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nibb View Post
    I choosed to use Zend version and now its not going to be update anymore.
    Ioncube is 50% slower in Speed, uses more CPU and allot more memory.
    You made these statements on the AWBS forums and i asked you to back up your facts which you couldnt do. Now your posting this here. So once again i ask you to to back up facts with proof that its slower, more cpu intense and uses more memory. If your going to makes these statements make sure you know what your talking about. And last but certainly not least, to leave a billing system because they dont offer Zend is so ridiculous its not even funny. It far easier to use ioncube than messing around installing Zend. Which once again tells me that your knowledge of the above is limited.
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