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    Talking ManageMyServices | Level 3 Systems Administrator Required

    The job of professional services is to handle all issues which require additional investigation or a high-level knowledge of the Linux environment. They are the top level of support and also have overall control of the technical support department ensuring issues aren’t staying open for longer than they should and customers are satisfied with the resolutions they are receiving.

    Additionally if issues in the lower queues need attending to and the professional services queue is empty you will be able to take issues and get them resolved.

    Questions Related to this position:

    What am I expected to know?

    1) Have an advanced knowledge of PLESK, cPanel/WHM and DirectAdmin
    2) Have an advanced knowledge of the Linux Operating system environment, specifically CentOS, Fedora and Debian and their kernels.
    3) Have a basic knowledge of the FreeBSD operating system environment and its kernel.
    4) Web Server Knowledge, specifically a high-level understanding of apache.
    5) Mail Server Knowledge, specifically a high-level understanding of Sendmail and Qmail
    6) DNS Knowledge, specifically BIND configuration and problem solving.
    7) Hard Drive Issues – Mounting/Unmounting, identifying failed drives, quota issues
    8) Security Issues – APF Knowledge, Log Checking, IP Blocking, Rootkit Investigation
    9) IP & Networking Management – Management of IP server addresses and network configuration
    10) Basic Database Issues – MySQL Configuration, Service Problems and Connectivity Issues
    11) RHCE and any other certifications a plus.

    What will I be expected to do?

    1) Escalated Abuse Issues – If a server is spamming the tracking down of where the spamming is coming from and ensuring it is stopped and advising customer of how to prevent it in future. Looking at hacked servers and determining whether a restore is necessary or whether cleaning can be carried out.

    2) Escalated Software Installs – Install any software that is requested by a customer that is not standard on our default install.

    3) Level 3 Technical Support Problems – Any issues which a customer is having which cannot be solved successfully by Level 1 or 2 technicians. Involves advanced troubleshooting and resolutions.

    4) Lower Level Support Issues as necessary – Serve as overflow for the lower level technical support.

    5) Supervise Overall Technical Support – Any problems which technical support team has will need to be worked on by you and a resolution found. Work with management to ensure smooth operation of the technical support department.

    6) Maintain Datacenter Communications – Work with datacenter technicians to solve hardware and core software issues, use KVM if required to solve an issue yourself and generally ensure smooth communication between hardware technicians and technical support department.

    7) Shared Hosting Management – Handle issues related to shared hosting servers. Ensure servers are kept up to date and secure.

    What am I going to be paid, when and how?

    Pay is negotiable and will be per support issue with a small set monthly payment as well. You will be paid on the 5th of each month for the previous months work and pay will be made via PayPal. You work as an independent contractor to us so all tax responsibilities are your own.

    Any restrictions on who can apply for this position?

    The position is remote so anyone is welcome to apply, we do expect your written English to be excellent though as all communication is made via written means.

    How will I be tested for competency for this position?

    You will be interviewed and also given some specific scenarios and problems where you will need to show us the steps you would follow in resolving the issue so that we can ensure our technical support is at the highest level.

    How do I apply for this position?

    Send a cover letter and CV to [email protected] - CV must contain at least two references, full contact information and previous work experience.

    When will I be contacted regarding whether or not I have the job?

    You will be contacted on or before December 30th 2007, interviewed and competency tested with the aim for you to start work by January 5th 2008.

    What hours are required?

    We would prefer the candidate to be available for work from 9am UK (GMT) time to around 3pm UK (GMT) time but these hours are negotiable.
    ManageMyServices was sold by me in September 2009. I no longer have any affiliation with this company.

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    Is this post just for individuals or a company too can apply.We will be haapy to work for you.

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    I have sent my Cover letter and CV.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hostechsupport View Post
    Is this post just for individuals or a company too can apply.We will be haapy to work for you.

    If you send me a quote I will be happy to look at it. It must meet my requirements of level 3 and per-ticket though. You must also be willing to use our systems and not your own.
    ManageMyServices was sold by me in September 2009. I no longer have any affiliation with this company.

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    Sent you an email
    Back after a long time!

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    I`ve sent you a private message.

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