If you wish to repsond here's how:
1. NO PM's!
2. Email [email protected] with your name, email, country, phone.
3. Tell us price, and timeframe.

We need two systems developed or a single one.

First system is a provisoning system, allowing us to process orders from multiple sources. Will be complex and might require a bit of time to complete. It will basically take an order, and then each day at a set time it will export it into a excel document with a certain format which will be provided then email to a email address we specify. It will have three types of login, one of admin, one for wholesale customers, and one for sales agents. Will have muliple forms, ability to lookup, add, amend, remove customers etc, assign customers to certian wholesale accounts etc also.

The second system simply will automatically each day login to an FTP account, remove a CSV file, manipulate it into a certian format which we will provide, and email it to our admin email address. Should be straightforward.

If you think your up to it, please email us asap. Time is ticking. We will put a post up if the job is taken. If no post stating this then assume it's still open! DO NOT SEND US PREVIOUS WORK DONE, if you don't send a price and timeframe in first email then we will ignore it. More questions can be asked!


Cheers Guy