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    Does anyone have any pictures of WebNX's data center in LA? I could not find any on their website for the life of me, I asked the live support and they told me to google it.

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    I actually have a few screenshots of my rack but I don't have any of the floor itself.

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    I scanned over the live chat history and found yours, it was with Dario. We don't have our own DC, we rent a little over 6,000 sq' within Telcom center in downtown Los Angeles (we have space on 4 floors of the building, with the largest of it on the 7th floor). Here is some details of the building itself.

    Let me know if you need any other details. Thanks

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    the 7th floor is quite nice.
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    Great building, definitely needs a coffee shop of some sort.
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    needs its own parking structure is what it needs lol
    im here every day and would love it if that happened

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