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    Adwords and alternatives

    Looking at promoting my site using google adwords and yahoo's version.

    I have just been looking at the adwords software from google and its helped some way in finding/suggesting keywords. By even inserting my competitors domain name it has suggested some keywords I could use.

    Are there any tools/sites outthere that people could recommend that would suggest keywords for my sites upcoming ad campaign ?

    Ideally im looking for a site/software what would show me the key keywords that are driving traffic to my competitors sites.

    Thanks in advance

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    You could check the backlinks and study the keywords going through the sites of your competitors those who are performing well.

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    hm...i remember there were a site link about analyzing key words..

    there are many i know, but this one was on eof the best ones i found,...

    damn i forget the link but let me try googling it again.

    I think i googled "analyze my keywords" or something, try that and see what comes up for you

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    You should check keyword research tools, such as wordtracker, keyword elite, overture (old data). But you need to pay to be able to use quality ones. | HostGamma Europe | HostGamma Asia
    USA, Canada, Brazil, UK, Netherlands, HK, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Singapore and more

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