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    Creating my own dedicated server


    I am a newbie at this...I do know how to make websites and quite good at it. But I haven't really ventured into the dedicated server. I would like to now...

    Could someone be kind enough to post a set of instructions on how I can host my own website and how much it might cost on average etc etc etc....

    Thanks a lot

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    I think you need to do some more research...

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    I agree !! You certainly need to do more research. Perhaps it would be better if started with a reseller package. A dedicated server requires you to have knowledge of Unix/Linux to administer it however with a reseller package the host takes care of everything and you can use a nice GUI control panel to do the hard work for you.
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    I don't think I placed my question right

    I am looking to host just one website, which will be a university website...thats all and I want to dedicate the entire bandwidth and space for that website...

    I am not too sure where to start off...if either one of you can be kind enough to list some steps that I should take...or can give me some sort of website which will give instructions on this matter...I'ld much appreciate it...


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    ok so u have a machine with no o/s on it right?

    ok well i think your best off downloading a copy off redhat, and burning it to cd

    if u dont have a burner then buy the distro

    Once you have that, install it on the machine

    During the setup, choose to set it up as a server, but when it asks you to check which servers to install, ie, webserver, ftp server, etc etc, dont select any

    because they will be out of date by now, your better off installing them yourself

    Oh also, if your new to linux, your better off installing a gui, as it is easier to do using that

    so install kde and gnome

    Ok, so assuming you have done all of this, you will need to then goto and download yourself a copy of apache the webserver

    then, if your gunna venture further by using php and mysql in your websites, then you will also need to download them

    If you have any problems you can pm me

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    Learning how to run your own dedicated website, isnt like something learn over night. First, you need to figure out what Operating system you want to use, Windows or Linux. I use either one, my preferences is linux for hosting, I use windows when im developing stuff... anyways. Both have their advantages and disadvatages over another. There are other types of software out there, that can turn your system into a web server if its for just personal use, Nusphere has a good deal of things you can use, free to download though.

    Article here gives a general idea of running a web biz

    Need to understand *how* they work

    Misc. Info

    Running a WWW service handbook

    Figure on what O/S you want to use and you can narrow down your search options. These 4 links I found in just 10 mins using Excite, Google, and Ask Jeeves

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    depending on the traffic you might get, you should invest in a T1 or OC3.. you can run a web server on almost any networking enabled OS.. windows\linux\unix

    i would tend to sway with what ever you are most fluent in. just so if you run into a prob. you know what to do.
    you might want to look into a book about running apache on a windows\linux system. i realy dont care for IIS but you can if you want.

    if you intrested in any security assesments you can visit lol

    i will gladly help you with setting things up for free. you can contact me via e-mail at [email protected]

    i can guide you in the right direction for the most part if not i wish you good luch

    -Anthony LaMantia

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    thank you Anthony...much appreciate your input and help...

    I'll definitly contact if and when I need assistance...

    thanks again

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