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    Looking for best reseller account

    We are looking for a new reseller account and I am thinking of the following firms. We would love to hear comments on them if you have any. Below is the list of firms


    We are looking at a monthy cost of less then $40

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    Take a look at love them. Nothing but great help and wonderful services. Just my two cents!

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    MChost is a good company. I have heard nothing about Kualo.

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    Hello John,

    Just to let you know, in case you were confused, that when the names comes out as (*****) it means that the host has been banned for some reason or other, so you may want to ask them why. It doesn't necessarily mean they are bad, its easy to get banned round here, so you may want to try putting spaces or something so that people can read the host in question.

    Obviously I cannot pass comment on Kualo myself, but perhaps you will get a response from some of our users who browse this forum.


    Jo Stonehouse -
    Shared Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Cloud VPS & Dedicated Servers
    UK: 0800 138 3235 ❘ USA: 1-800-995-8256

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    Go w a .COMmunity

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    Hi there,

    Well - Kualo have really impressed me. See the various posts about Kualo at this URL. No doubt I'll get flamed for posting about this again , but I'm not going to bother myself too much about that . If you want some more information about Kualo, check out their forums .

    Aside from Kualo, there are also many people on WHT who recommend MCHost. Just take a look back through the reseller threads.


    Craig Luke

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    take a looks at especially their community forums.

    good luck..

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