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    irc shell accounts - possible?

    Im thinking about getting an RAQ server as they are cheap, and many people have been asking me for IRC shell accounts,
    can an RAQ 3 or 4 easily handle about 50 shell accounts in use, or would I be better off with a normal linux dedicated server?

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    only my opinion... if you aren't going to need DNS/WEB/MAIL on the same machine.. use a normal PC with some flavor of linux/BSD on it...

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    I was planning on running the normal DNS/WEB/MAIL and MySQL but allow user's to run IRC processes aswell, and was just wondering if an RAQ would be able to handle all of these?
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    About 50 would be your cap - but it would work. The compiler is old by default and the tcl has to be upgraded (be careful there).

    For the cost, it would be cheaper to go with a redhat box, and putting some sort of control panel on it, but yes, a RAQ4 would work fine. Raq3's, not enough power, stay away from them.

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