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Thread: Please review

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    Please review

    Could you guys give me a review on my site. I did purchase a template here on WHT. I was looking to make my site more professional. Still working on the contact page and about us page.


    Email: [email protected]
    MSN: [email protected]

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    i like it ..... nice use of colors and nice and simple !! well done

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    Very neat and clean.

    I like the colour usage, however i think sticking to 2 or 3 colours is the best.

    Maybe u should try your layout with a frame.

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    it looks good...maybe some rollover effects on the navigation tabs? it's fine without...but would enhance it even more.

    also the logo...really scrunched...does that say HostDogs?
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    Another thing... I dunno if the pop up is a good idea: everybody hates them

    You should also do your bottom naviagtion in HTMl rather than a picture file.

    Maybe think about changing the colours on the boxes at the right... there kind if anoying, no affence but i don't think they suit very well.

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    i agree with chaps. looking at the symbol in the logo and how it looks nice and spaced, then looking at the name looks kinda ackward. it is a bit too compact. let it breathe a bit and give it space.

    adding some kind of simple rollover effect will add a nice touch to the design of the site. i say do it. the color in those tags on the navigation...use a darker blue for the text. like that purple on the logo(symbol/shape). because it is getting alittle hard to read.

    i would like to see the logos at the bottom navigation a bit smaller and spaced away from the blue bar. it is too close for comfort. i would also like to see the same fonts used in the tab navigation used on the bottom navigation. that is a personal preference. at the same time having the same size. also have it be positioned to be the absolute bottom. so there isn't any white space below it.

    i know you have the homepage centered, but the other pages aren't. somepages are left aligned and others right aligned. you might want to check up on that. you also might want to check the content text font sizes. they are different on a few of the pages. something i would suggest is to have the terms and conditions text be smaller than the text on regular pages be.

    i sorta agree with axel. the color on the right boxes could be something i could live without, but it's no biggie. i'll let you decide what on what you want.

    i would take away the pop-up too. it doesn't seem to be necessary for you to have it. if you need it, put that content somewhere on the home page if you wish.

    when going through your site, i notice that it was pretty slow loading up and i'm on cable. i checked your site images to look at the sizes and noticed that they are jpg's. they should be gif's. especially the header which is basically two main colors, black and purple. it should be a gif image. i think the only one worth being a jpg would be the bottom navigation cause you included the logos with it. even the logos when saved separatly, should be gif's. everything else should be gifs. that whole home page(file size) is pretty big. it should be half the size easily if be using gifs. also considering how much white spaice you have. i suggest you change that and the site should load with ease.

    i hope that helped and was something you were looking for.

    good luck.

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    I agree with all of the above. Your logo needs more spacing. I had a really hard time reading it! Outside of that, your site was nice, clean, and well developed. Good job and good luck!

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    On Network page...

    HostDogs server is located in a data center in Atlanta Georgia.
    Something about that feels unsettling... "located in a data center in Atlanta Georgia." be a bit more specific? "a data center" is kinda cague ... Also, what the heck is DETAILS?

    Perhaps you should not just say "server" because that kinda sounds lower quality... something like "Our servers are hosted out of <<State>> from <<Name>>'s data center.

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    It downloaded slow for me... it could just be my connection

    Looks cool though

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    the bottom bar looks out of place

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