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    Question !! Game Server Needed !!

    I need a dedicated server to host my favourite game, can anoyone help me ????

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    Sure thing, how does a VPS sound? 512MB Ram 10GB Space?

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    Would be helpful if you can tell us your budget and server location

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    * Details about my needs

    Sorry, my mistake! I want a Xeon Dual Core Server, with 2 GB RAM,
    160 GB HDD, with at least 10 MBps line, and estimated traffic about 1500 GB monthly. Windows or Linux with full remote administrating. I also want to be able to restart the whole box from any place. The estimated cost is under 220 Euro.

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    Your budget is good for your requirements.

    Where do you want the server be located? Where will be your target audience/players? (I assume europe?)

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    * About My Target Location

    I'm interested in having this server located in Europe, most of the players will be from Romania, FYROM, Bulgaria, Greece, maybe Italy. I will discuss any offer.

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    Remember that the game server you plan to host should be fully legal so that you won't have problems, as your server provider may cut you off if someone reports your are using illegal server software and such.
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    If the Software is under the GNU GPL License, they have nothing to fear.

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    * Definition of Game Server

    I plan to host L2J server, the software is downloadable from, I believe there are no legal issues with that.

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    Hosts aren't allowed to give you offers in this forum, I suggest taking a look at the dedicated servers offers forum (down the bottom of the index of WHT).

    p.s: your writing is hard to read in that colour
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    You might want to check out ECATEL, they just recently posted an offer in the advertising section and from what I have read, they are a great provider.
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