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    Configuring a new server

    Hi Actually my DSL provide me 1024 kbps of Internet Access. I am wanna connect computers to that network and rent the pc in my own country.

    Here the features of that I have:

    - 2 Desktop PC ready for connect.
    - 1 router with 4 lan Port.
    - 1 Dynamic ip
    - 1024 kbps of Internet connection.

    the desktop pc will be configuring with Centos 4.x and I wanna install on it a control panel like directadmin.

    Here the issues:

    - How I can configure 2 statics ip for each desktop pc?
    - The desktop pc will be connected every one in the same router?
    - How I can know how will be the rendiment with 1024 kbps??

    Waiting Answer from you...!
    Alejandro Mata
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    Either you lease 2 static IP addresses from your ISP or use NAT from the modem/router to distribute the requests to the servers.
    You connect the modem/router to a hub and then the pcs.

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    Yes you will need 2 static IPs from your provider or you will only be able to use one server for each service.

    Also is 1024 kbps your download speed or upload speed? Most DSL providers give you a higher download speed and a lower upload speed. Regardless you will need a higher upload speed. Unless this is for testing only, or a site with minimal to no traffic....

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    Like SH-John says. I'm sure that your download speed is 1024Kbps.
    Actually most ISP's give 90Kbps upload speed with 1024Kbps download speed.

    You can check your connection speed:

    If the upload speed is less than 100Kbps it will be a bottle neck.


    Luis Berumen

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