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    Question Any good NT/Win 2000 hosting?

    Dear All,

    I am looking for a RELIABLE Windows 2000 web hosting that meet my following basic needs:

    1) 250MB Storage (enough for a personal website with tons with pictures?? pls advise)
    2) Bandwidth 1GB and above (able to increase bandwidth with little cost!)
    3) Support Frontpage 2002 ext
    3) Support Access DB, ASP
    4) Good Tech support (email, forum, or phone), good tutorial section, and control panel
    5) Minimum down time

    Please advise.


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    Can't resist, since I'm a *nixer.



    Sorry, y'all!

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    bah. its all in the system administration.

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    just needed advice

    My little comment!

    Both Unix/Linux and Windows have their own goods and bads, and they are catered to different needs, people, and markets. So, I need to use some good stuff from Microsoft, that's why I need to get a windows web hosting. Nothing wrong for a person who eats rice everyday while not many Americans eat rice everyday! If he thinks rice can give the energy he wants to work in a construction project, WHY NOT?? Can a beutifian or someone on a diet plan tell that person not to eat rice everyday bcos that will cause him to gain weight?? That man would care less, bcos he needs the energy and strength to work.


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    The last Windows/NT host I left 2 years ago, but I still recomend them:

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    Requests forum

    You could get a better responce in the requests forum.


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    Thanks DotComster, wizzard, and jeellison! Greatly appeciated!

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    Try these guys:

    I have a few accounts with them (including my own). They're very rarely down and I know somewhere they'll have an account that'll meet the specs you put up. And even if you go with their email-only tech support, it never takes them more than an hour unless you ask an extremely difficult question (which I've done exactly once, and even then it only took them four).
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