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    Having a nightmare of a time. (DNS/Domains/Hosting)

    Hi all, I'll dive right into this. (I apologise for the long post, I am trying to be as clear as possible)

    *NOTE: I have changed .com to .kom to avoid confusing and the no-posting url filter.

    Basically, I've been googling like mad, Searching for every scrap of information I can find.. I'm not sure whether there just isn't anything covering it.. Or I don't understand it well enough to put it into practice. So I am here, Hopefully someone will know what the H*ll to do! =)

    I'll try and lay this out as easy to read as possible.

    I run a home server. On said home server I run W.A.M.P to serve my Joomla! powered website.

    I own a domain via I DID have it set up as a 'frame redirect' to my I.P address using their name servers.

    I have all of the content and most of the configuration down. That I am fine with.

    I decided to test out the automated user registration. I find that when it sends an automated E-mail out to a user. Instead of sending the authentication link as MYDOMAIN.kom/Clickhere
    it will send MY.IP.ADDRESS/Clickhere

    This isn't a great solution. So I googled about looking on how to change it. Having visited the Joomla! forums I am now certain that the settings contained within there are right. The problem lies outwith that.

    On the Joomla forums I was told I would need to set up some kind of custom DNS service. Having my Domain pointed at the DNS and letting it forward onto the I.P address. In turn, Solving my I.P E-Mail problem.

    So after some more hunting around I came across SimpleDNS.

    Right here is were I come to a stop, Pretty much.

    According to the FAQ, In order to have my Domain name point to a Nameserver, I NEED to create a SUB-domain called "ns.Domainname.kom" then in turn point this SUB domain to my I.P Address.

    Ok, So I done that.

    Problem 1: In the Control Panel at, In the forwarding properties of the SUB-Domain (NS). I am only allowed to put either a full Domain Name OR a "://IPADDRESS"
    I cannot place just the IPADDRESS. I am not sure if this is causing any issues.

    After doing this, I set up the SimpleDNS like so.
    domainame - NS - DOMAINNAME.COM
    domainame - A - IPADDRESS

    (I do have NS1, NS2, NS3.. However I chose to leave those out for now as it might confuse matters)

    I am at a complete loss here.

    I have forwared all the ports I can find that may be needed by SimpleDNS (53, 1053 and 8053)

    I have changed odd things around and back again to no avail.

    I just..Just have no idea.

    Help a guy out =)

    Much thanks in advance,

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    Have you contacted your registrar regarding the registration of child nameservers?
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    It's seems you have gotten this issue a little too confused and over complicated.

    I have referred to which I would assume to be your post of the joomla forums ( which explains a lot.

    If your IP address is static (does not change) you can simply setup an A record for and to point directly to your IP without frame-forwarding. From what I read on 1and1's website this is indeed possible so you will not have to find your own DNS service.

    If you do not have a static IP address you will need to find a provider that supports dynamic updates and install and configure the client on your WAMP server. provides a free service.

    Once this is done you should be able to check via dig or nslookup and see that your domain resolves to your IP address.

    Now you will need to fix your joomla configuration file by changing the livesite value to your domain name.
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    Hi, Ther

    Hey, I appreciate all the help and I have managed to get it all sorted out.

    I apologise for not updating but I have been pretty busy with the website etc.

    I have actually ran into problem #2

    I have the DNS working, People can visit, Everything re-directs and names itself nicely.

    However, When they sign up, If they happen to be using a Hotmail account then the SMTP server I am running says the e-mail has been refused due to me not having an authenticated SMTP server.

    How do I go about fixing this?

    I had thought of relaying my SMTP server through my Gmail account, However I cannot find a single SMTP server application that supports the TSL security Gmail requires.

    Is there a simpler fix or.. Will I have to pay for something like AuthSMTP?

    Thanks in advance,

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