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    Site not accessible to one group of visitors

    I have a reseller package with Hostgator, I use it to host a few sites on. Recently one of my customers started to notice that periodically, his site goes down - only to him.

    I and others can access it just fine but he cannot nor can his friends in his local town. Most of the time it is on line.

    I have checked the server DNS and domain name settings and all is fine.

    I can't understand what the problem could be, it seems strange that almost everyone in the UK and US can access it but he cannot.

    He has cleared his browser settings, reboot his connection and tried pinging his domain but no luck.

    I'm not too sure what the problem could be.

    The domain is

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    If the domain is resolving fine from majority of places, it should be a local nameserver issue. Ask him to contact his ISP, get another set of namesevers and supply those in his local machine. If the issue persists you can consider of setting up two nameservers at different locations/server rather than on the same server.
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    Or have the client change the local DNS servers to get away from the flaky ISP fatigue.

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    to add:

    You might want to change your DNS zone to match your registrar (or vice versa)

    Your registrar says: --> -->

    The local nameserver says: --> -->

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    I think it may have something to do with the nameservers, I changed them a while ago to what they are now and updated WHMCS, enom, and my host updated WHM.

    How would I make the changes to the DNS zone? I'm not too sure where to edit.

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    Since your A record points to, I assume they are correct at your registrar with;

    If you have access to the DNS zone file, you will need to change the A records for ns1 and ns2 to and respectfully.

    If your host gave you the 88.208.244* IPs to use for your nameservers, you will need to login to your registrar and change the names server IPs.

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    I just noticed that the DNS management settings for this domain indicate that they are set to: for 'www, @ and *'

    I found this in WHMCS control panel for the domain, everything else seems fine with enom and my server.

    Should I change these?

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    You should probably contact Hostgator and ask them the following:

    What is my shared IP
    What IP should my NS1 point to
    What IP should my NS2 point to

    Take the Shared IP they give you and make sure the aliases and domain A record is setup with that IP.

    Your NS1 IP will probably be either or

    If they say your NS1 IP should point to .. you should login to WHM and change the NS1 A record from to

    If they tell you NS1 should point to, then you will need to change the IP at your registrar

    Repeat the same steps for NS2

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