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    Well, each country should have the right to make its own laws.

    It is all politics, if the US legalized online gambling, this wouldn't have happened.

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    Yea. Gotta love the government deciding what you can and can't do with your money
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    Odd ruling.

    Guess the country can make illegal copies of software to sell to the people in their country? I can't see them giving away free products as that would only hurt stores/shops within the country.

    Seems like a fine would have been better, if the wto can do fines. Messing around with copyright is not a solution and only causes more issues.

    What a dumb ruling... unless I'm missing something. I need to read more into this I guess. First time I've heard about it.

    Also, 21 million in music is not a lot of music downloads when you think about it.
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