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    Activate and use Secondary Hard Disk

    Hi Actually my Primary Hard Disk is 90 % used. I wanna Now use the secondary hard disk in the system. How I can Activate the secondary Hard Disk, and from that point use the secondary hard disk for host the new accounts... The primary will stay with 90% or less without deactivate....

    Them thanks for your help...

    Waiting Answer!
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    Depends on what control panel your using.
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    Chrono is Cpanel!
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    If the hard disk has not been used yet, you will need to:

    1. Use fdisk to create a new partition on the second hard disk
    2. Format the new partition using mkfs
    3. Create a directory where the new partition should be mounted, such as /home2
    4. Mount the new partition in /home2 and set it up in fstab to mount at boot time.
    5. Activate quota support on the new partition (if you want to enforce disk quotas)
    6. Configure WHM to put new accounts on the new partition, this can be done in "Basic cPanel/WHM Setup" in WHM

    As you stated, this will put new accounts on the new disk. To alleviate usage on the primary disk you could also move some large user accounts to /home2 and create symlinks so that their original home directory path of /home/username/ will point to the new location.
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