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    Can this VPS handle my 100k pageviews a day?


    I am considering buying a VPS from a reputed company, I want to ask if it seems enough for my traffic.

    VPS specs are:

    512MB RAM
    1024MB Swap

    My blog gets around 25,000 visits and 100,000 pageviews per day .. My questions are:

    Do you think above mention VPS can handle this kind of traffic with default settings? My blog offers no downloads, no streaming .. its just another random blog using wordpress.

    And, can it handle this traffic after some optimization?

    What is recommended VPS config for this traffic? Or I should consider dedicated?

    Please advise, I will be really thankful.

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    What control panel will you be using, if any?

    If you are using cPanel I would reccomend 768MB/1GB RAM, with some optimization it will be fine with that traffic. You can get away with less Ram on DirectAdmin as its a much simpler and lighter panel.

    Of course for the best performance no panel and Lighttpd would offer the best performance.

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    Thank you for replying Chris,

    If i upgrade to

    1024MB RAM
    2048 Swap

    and use DirectAdmin .. how many pageviews it would be able to handle then, after optimization?

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    With a bit of optimizing, it would be able to handle it no problems (1024MB, 2048MB Swap).

    However do note that swap is generally used for quick bursts, when the ram is needed. Not constant usage (i.e. 5mins+)

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    Yes, swap will not run a web site, and if it does it would be a very slow one ;-).

    SWAP is there to guarantee your VPS won't run out of memory when you hit the limit but it isn't their to rely on for normal usage.

    I'd definitely suggest a 1GB VPS for the kind of traffic you are expecting to receive.

    I always suggest DirectAdmin over CPanel because it is lighter and in my opinion just easier to find your way around, although you won't have access to any HTTP interface for apache/php updates like WHM but if you have a managed VPS then that isn't anything to worry about.

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    Enable wp-cache, and I would guess that 512 MB would be fine.

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    Hi EngrTun,

    I would say a VPS with >= 768 MB memory should be sufficient. 1024 MB would however be ideal in this scenario.

    At least the process of upgrading a VPS account is relatively painless, so you don't have much to worry about if our suggestions prove incorrect

    Good luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by RavenServers View Post
    At least the process of upgrading a VPS account is relatively painless, so you don't have much to worry about if our suggestions prove incorrect
    He's right. I would start w/ 512MB, and using the wp-cache module. This allows your server to server mostly static pages without hitting the DB. Then if that doesn't work you can upgrade.

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