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    Flash Hosting Tutorials! 25% Off! From $7.95! Automated Delivery!

    Get your demos in a hurry with Automated Delivery!

    These demos are 100% branded to your company. Your logo will be shown at the front and end of each demo with no connections to

    Turn around time is 20-40 minutes per set of demos. If people are ahead of you in the que these times may increase.

    Currently demos are being offered on the following subjects:

    - cPanel (x/x2 and X3 skin)
    - WHM (x and WHM11 skin)
    - DirectAdmin (End-user and Reseller)
    - Plesk (End-user and Reseller)
    - Viruozzo Power Panel

    cPanel: $21.95
    cPanel x3: $35.95
    WHM: $14.95
    WHM 11: $10.95
    DA End-User: $10.95
    DA Reseller: $10.95
    Plesk End-User: $18.95
    Plesk Reseller: $7.95
    VZPP: $14.95

    Combo Deals
    cPanel + WHM (either skin): $29.95
    cPanel + WHM + VZPP (either skin): $39.95
    DA End-User/Reseller: $21.95
    DA End-User/Reseller + VZPP: $31.95
    Plesk End-User/Reseller: $21.95
    Plesk End-User/Reseller + VZPP: $31.95
    Everything!: $89.95

    To order and view examples of the demos please visit:

    If you need to use different logos for your Demos please create a new order for each logo.

    If you have any questions/problems/etc... please leave a message here, PM me, or e-mail: mike [at]
    Mike from
    Professional web design and development services.
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    good and fast service A+
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    Just sent you a PM with some questions about this Dollar. Looking forward to your reply

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