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    Next Step

    I run a web services business. Included in what I offer is hosting, and recently a client of mine approached me with a fairly big request.. and that is he wants 1gig of space, and 15gigs bandwidth.

    Now, due to my client listing in the hosting section not being so big, I only own a reseller, and taking on a client with a request of this size, a whole new reseller would be needed.

    Now, for the next step, do I purchase a new reseller and resell the hosting from that, or do I go up a gear and purchase a server.

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    well if you are happy with your hosting provider then just ask them how much would it cost to get 1 gb space and 15gb bandwidth extra. Then you bill your client appropriately. Despite what many people think having your own dedicated servers is a whole new ballgame, if you don't now how to administer a server, you are doomed from the onset.

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    Get a second reseller account and your all set. The client won't notice and you have enough space and bandwidth right away!

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    you could always opt for a VPS

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    Question what to Do?

    I guess it would depend on what your net income from hosting is now. And how much do you plan on spending on a server. If this new client would put you over or close to that mark I would say yes.

    You also need to make sure you will be able to give the same support you have been offering. If the Host you are with now offers dedicate servers and you are happy there, I would stay with them for the dedicated.

    If your current host does not offer dedicated servers then look carefully at any host you choose.

    Make sure you are ready to admin you own server. Think of any problems your clients might have had that you had to go to your host to solve, because those kinds of problems would now be yours.

    Good Luck

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