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    Sale: SUPERMICRO Motherboard + 2x Xeon (3ghz) + 2GB RAM (3 Available)

    Before posting this in the public forums we figured we would mention it here first. We have three of the following:

    SUPERMICRO X6DVL-EG Server Motherboard (NewEgg)
    2x Xeon 3ghz (3000DP)
    2x 1GB DDR400 RAM

    Price: $150/each or $337 for all three (20% off)

    Also if anyone is interested we have four 80GB 7200RPM SATA drives which we're looking to get rid of.

    Feel free to contact me if you're interested .

    *NOTE* All hardware has been tested and verified working

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    very intrested in your offer. are the Xeons 512kb, 1mb, or 2mb cache?

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    Email sent

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    I am interested in the offer
    PM me please

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    How much does shipping to P.A cost?

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    3 units to be shipped
    i pmd u regarding it too
    please pm me ure YIM/MSN id

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    What apart from the HDD is missing from this? to make it a server ready to be mounted onto a rack?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JonBiloh View Post
    We have the hard drives available, $25 each (Western Digital 80GB SATA)

    If you buy the hard drives too, then you'll just need the 1U Rackmount
    don't you mean the 1U rackmount server case?
    how much would that cost approximately if I purchase it from some other dealer, since you are not selling it
    what CPU are these? CPU model number?...

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    alright, sure...sent you a pm

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    Im interested...but is this a 1u or just the parts from a server? Also how old are the parts?

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    ive sent payment for all three

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