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    CyberPixels - Any good?

    I'm looking for a good host and I found It looks like a great deal, but I need some opinions on it first. How is it? Good? Bad? Okay?


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    I use it to host, over all im very happy. but they are not taking any new accounts i believe, they have had massive problems with one of their servers (torgo, which im on) But im very happy with them and plan on opening my new site when they let new accounts.

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    They were good at first. In the last month, though, there has been a rather high amount of downtime, not only on the server called "torgo," but alson on the one called "water," which I'm on.

    Also, I'm not sure why, but for some reason, php scripts seem to execute very slowly over there, and always have.

    Support was once fast and friendly. Now, I've had a helpdesk ticket in for three days with no reply.

    One of the co-owners has left, leaving the business in the hands of one person who does not seem to have the best people skills from time to time, which may explain the recent problems.

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