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    Replacing or upgrading hard drives...remote method?

    I want to try something different on our methods of replacing or upgrading hard drives. I want to be able to do most of it via our KVM/IP instead of babysitting the server(s) for so long in the DC.

    My thoughts are, how can I add the new hard drive in the DC, and move the data over via the KVM/IP. Can this be done with just a raw drive added (no new setup) using DD or even rsync, or is it better to setup a new installation of CentOS on the new drive, and use rsync to move the data over. Then how do I get the proper drive to boot until I go back into the DC to remove the bad or old drive? I'd be interested in how some of you folks are doing this, as far as what's easiest and could be done over the KVM/IP once the new drive is connected.

    Or on systems that have 2 drives with cPanel/WHM, how can we temporarily on an emergency basis untilize the backup drive to do a new setup, copy the data over from the drive that is failing, then just replace the bad drive as a backup drive next time you go in the DC? We have an external USB CD in place to allow remote installs...just curious if anyone does something like this or has ideas how we could make this work.
    We use cloning software now, but can end up babysitting a clone for a long period in the DC like this.

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    If the size of the drive is the same... you can just

    dd if=/dev/hda of=/dev/hdb

    If their not the same, you can still do that, but(i believe) you will just have some unallocated space.

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    If your KVMoIP has virtual media support, you can install remotely using a CD or disk image. Otherwise, you can use PXE to install an OS by setting up TFTP and DHCP on your network.
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    490 has an inexpensive IPKVM that supports virtual media. They have worked well for us so far.

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