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    Importing large mysql DB in shell

    This is all done through shell.

    I was wondering if there was a way for me to cut up a large mysql database in shell. We're talking almost 8 gigs here.

    I would like to import it in chucks, something like 1 gig per shot. Is that doable with some software that I can use in shell? I wouldn't want to use vim to splice up that sucker.

    Or is there a better method of doing this? I already dumped this and I rather not do it again unless if I could perhaps dump this in chunks.

    Any advice?


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    You can take the database backup by taking separate backups of selected tables at a time. By this you can create multiple dump files that are not of huge size.

    mysqldump --add-drop-table table1 table2 table3 > tabl1_tabl2_tabl3.sql
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