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    Just wanted to post a quick review on this host...
    I have been with them for ~ a month & so far:
    no downtime, GREAT SUPPORT - I screwed up and ruined my site - they responded to my help request and corrected the problem within 30 minutes.
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    Nice to see happy people around. Ask them to keep it up, cause some hosts are quite good at begining. Once they got amount of clients, they forget of the support.

    Have a great day!
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    I highly recommend i have had no downtime since i was hosted with them, they also reply to all my support requests within 30 minutes.

    My domain:

    You can't go wrong with em!
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    no downtime?

    You obviously don't use a 3rd party site monitoring tool like internetseer or others.

    I also used invisionhost (also known as netracom) but this is my history with them:

    incorrectly configued email which resulted in loss of much mail

    unexplained outages

    inadequate (read complete loss of account) backup

    unable to install a simple forum (took weeks and then didn't work - I don't host sites, but I had the same board up myself in minutes

    no returned phone calls (even though they state in emails to call them)

    their owner preferred to be browsing these forums than to respond to my emailed requests regarding restoring my account from my personal backup

    I have more.....

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    Considering when this thread was posted, what 7 months ago a lot can change.
    Clustered Hosting With Continuous Data Protection (CDP)
    8 Years of hosting excellence!
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    and with new owners and forced account moves to different servers was the case here.
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    and with new owners and forced account moves to different servers was the case here.
    Would you have stuck around if I said 200% increase on all hosting fees, to keep you were you were?
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    I'm not sure what your point is here.

    You made all account holders move to another server in another location and some months ago you then went and advertised in this very forum for a server back at the original location.

    I haven't seen any changes in prices at staminus where location originally was and is again, so where would the price increase be exactly?
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