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    Best software for procedural ordering process

    I have a store I need to setup that needs some sort of shopping cart software that will allow for a procedural type of order process. I've noticed most of the current shopping carts are based around having items in categories (i.e. you select watches, takes you there, you select a watch, etc) I'm trying to sell railing/fencing, so I need a solution that allows you to go through a process like Step 1> Step 2> Step 3, etc, for each category of product.

    I am currently contemplating OSCommerce, then just doing a bunch of modifications, though the solution does not have to be free if it will make things easier for me to setup and maintain.

    Thanks in advance

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    most of the commerce software that you'll find is setup in categories, like you said, alot of modding. good luck!
    Dave Parish

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