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    Is this deal good ?

    Hi Friends,
    I was on a VPS plan and for sometime i was looking around in the "offers" section to get a dedicated server on the low end as my needs were nominal.

    I am tempted to go for this deal on It looks good to me but i would love to know your expert opinion as to what you think about this deal:

    Need we say more…
    • Celeron 2.4GHz • 512MB DDR RAM • 40GB IDE Hard Drive • 2500 GB Bandwidth • FREE Control Panel • Choice of OS • Un-Managed
    Real-Time Inventory: Only 1 left! Only $34.95/month!


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    If it's a DEAL you looking for than that does look like a good one.

    If you take into consideration that the hardware itself is quite outdated (a 40GB drive has been spinning for a loooooooong time) then you might have a different view.
    Quality of the network would need to be endorsed by someone that is or isn't happy with it's performance. So do some searching and make sure you know if your getting a server on a network and with a company that will truly make you happy.

    A Deal isn't a deal, until you know the deal.
    - Donovan K
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    Thanks dspkable,
    I went ahead with that one as i can't expect much with a $35 dedicated server.

    I have one question, if anyone can answer:

    If i have a dedicated server, can i install an SMTP server and send 10,000 emails/newsletter to my subsribers or is this not allowed and there would be a per day limit like the shared/vps hosting accounts ??

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    You will have root access to the server, and can install pretty much whatever you want on it.

    If you are aiming to send tens of thousands of emails per day though, I would contact your provider to state your intentions. Also, make sure your emails contain a link to a very easy to use "unsubsribe" system (although you probably knew that anyway ).

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    Thanks Shock,
    Sorry if i was little unclear...i do not want to send the emails everyday,might be once a month

    And for sure i will have that unsubsribe link at the bottom of the email...

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    thats a pretty good deal, but i'm sure that you can get better.

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    $35/mo for a server with free panel and that much transfer is as good as you'll get. - High Bandwidth Specialists - 100TB/1Gbps/10Gbps Unmetered/CDN/DDOS Protected
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    what are you going to do with it? the bandwidth could be horrible, for all you know.

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    I would still let your provider know..He might think you are a spammer.

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