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    transferring from cpanel to non-cpanel?

    I currently have a cpanel VPS and I'm planning to get a non-cpanel dedicated server since my VPS can't handle the load.

    What kind of process would I have to go through to move sites on a cpanel server to a non-cpanel one?

    If it is too much work, then I'll probably go with another cpanel server.

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    might be best to go to another cpanel server as you'll have to do most manually, including, dns, mail, virtual apache hosts, ssls (if any) ftp accounts, backup mysqls and restore, whereas with cPanel you can just transfer everything over in one go and it does the hard work for you

    Hope this helps

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    Its possible to convert a cPanel backup to a Directadmin account.

    Directadmin has less features then cPanel but runs with less resources.

    -- Adam

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    Would upgrading your VPS be an option?
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