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    * Funny T-shirts website. New e-commerce - new approach

    Review Cratima new release please : Funny T-shirts .

    I need to know if you find any bugs, if it loads well.
    I would like to hear opinions from different people using different browsers and OS.
    Do you think that the design is adapted to the target visitors (teenagers, youths)?
    We have a new web tester division and I need to test their work on this project as well!
    Is this an easy to use, few purchasing steps e-commerce (that's what the customer wants)

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    nice girl (blond one)

    I do like the website, congrats

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    The site looks good. You might consider aligning it to the center though. It's simple and it works. Bring on the shirts

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    I'm using IE7 and the site loads great. Speed is good, and I didnt really see any bugs that I noticed. Good luck with the site!
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    Nice site, however possibly consider making the picture quality of the tee's a bit better.

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    loads well in firefox, pictures quality is an issue, overall nice website.
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