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    Datacenter Space/Bandwidth/Equipment For Sale!!!

    Datacenter space in the Arlington Heights, IL datacenter operated by Premium rackspace and bandwidth with direct connections to Level(3) and Chicago’s Equinix. Read about datacenter specs at

    Extremely low introductory price obtained when the datacenter first opened. You won’t find a similar package for the same price in any other datacenter!

    The contract runs through March 1st, 2008 and includes:

    - 120mbps of BANDWIDTH (via Cat6 1000mbps connection)
    - 120AMPS OF POWER (40amps in each Cabinet)
    - (6) 20AMP Zero-U APC’s with Remote Reboot (already purchased and paid for)
    - (2) 48-port 10/100/1000 Smart Switches (already purchased and paid for)
    - (1) 24-port 10/100/1000 Smart Switch (already purchased and paid for)


    Excellent for providing inexpensive dedicated or colocation space with connections to premium networks. Excellent pings for Game Server Providers.

    Contract ends on 3/1/2008. You take over the remaining 2 months of the contract with the option to extend while keeping the locked-in extremely low price! You will have option to terminate and withdraw purchased equipment or continue service with the provider.

    Available for sale immediately. Copy of contract can be provided to interested parties upon request. Contract can be verified with the provider. Tour of the datacenter/rackspace can be arranged.

    Feel free to e-mail or PM for any additional information: [email protected].

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    Why are you vacating?

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    We are closing our GSP business. Just don't have enough time to keep up with it anymore.

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