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    osCommerce programmed needed

    I need to do 4 different things to be taken care of.

    1. Replace a credit card image on my site
    2. Show me how to change the background color of the site
    3. I used to have prices on al my products on sub-category pages, then had them removed and now I would like to make the price appear again.
    4. I would like to add the logo of each manufactur to the left side of the my page for each sub-category page. I sell 20 different shampoos and they each come in its own flavor, so a category is the manufacturer, and the sub-category is the shampoo color, so I would like to have the manufacturer logo displayed at the bottom left of the site on the sub-category page (all the colors) and the individual product page (one specific flavor)

    Pay: $75

    I need this done tonight (I am available online for another 4 hours)

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    Did you get this done? if not may see your website?
    Jorge Campos | WBpro
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