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    The programming is willing but the networking is weak...

    Hi, I'm new here and looking to get into some very small scale web site development.

    My problem is that while I've spent a fair while working with things like Visual Studio and some Java/AJAX, I have almost no idea how to go about moving something like that into a web site scenario.

    Is there something specific I should be looking for in a web host when I wish to work with these things online? Is there a good place to find out about setting up these things to work online?

    Am I looking at a very easy learning curve here or something more complicated?

    Any help is appreciated, thanks.
    Edit: If it means anything, I'm merely looking to start this up to get experience with how the whole thing works. The amount of people actually going to my site would be limited to just a few friends for the most part.


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    Welcome aboard Mike!
    I think that you have to learn little bit more about web hosting at all. I suggest you wiki.
    I think in day or few you will know morw exactly what you need
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    Googling will be a good place to start.
    What you need will be a small package, really small one as you are going to experiment/study.
    Things may look to be complicated at the beginning, but you will find it easy as you go.
    I wish you best of luck.
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