ServerTweak Networks, LLC / ( is offering the absolute lowest price for Premium bandwidth on Dedicated Ports and cabinets.

ServerTweak Networks, LLC ServerTweak switched network utilizes the Border Gateway Protocol Version 4 (BGP4) over Cisco 12000 & 6500 series routers. We always update the router's IOS after we have stress tested the latest IOS on a non-critical router, to make sure it is very stable. The switch that your equipment will ultimately be connected to is connected back to a core router via fiber.

Level 3
PAIX Palo Alto
Switch and Data Seattle
One Wilshire
Equinix San Jose
Equinix Los Angeles
Equinix Chicago
Equinix Dallas
Equinix Ashburn
Telehouse New York
Nap of the Americas
Telehouse East
Interxion Frankfurt 1
Interxion Paris 2


Colo Includes:
* High-Quality Bandwidth
* 100% Network Uptime
* 24x7 Ticket System Access
* 24/7/365 access to your equipment
* 24/7 Staffed Security
* Redundant Network
* Redundant Power
* RTG Bandwidth Reports
* Secure Rack
* Custom Video Surveillance
* Overages $25/Mbps 95th percential billing
* 30 days cancellation notice required
* Free Ip's up to 50
* Free Manual Reboots
* Free WiFi Access for your Laptop
* Free rDNS Setup

Promo includes:
* 42u Cab
* 20amps (upgradeable to 40amps)
* 10mbps Premium Bandwidth, Overages $25/Mbps 95th percential billing
* Los Angeles Location

$799/mo (12/mo term required)

Need something smaller?
1-2u single server: $99.99/mo (6/mo term required)
* 2amps max
* 2mbps B.W.

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Cross Connects, please contact [email protected]

Join our blazing fast all Fiber network.

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ServerTweak Networks, LLC
600 W. 7th St. Third Floor #510
Los Angeles, CA 900179

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