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    New here, never posted on a WHT forum before. Found this site looking up a company I just last night bought web space from, after register and credit card payment received email stating in a matter of a few hours they would have it all setup, NOT, its near 7:00 now and no other reply from them except auto responses where I have tried contacting them through email, no luck at all, tried calling them and the phone just sits and rings, they have 24 - 7 phone support, yea, right, well, not knowing what to do, will give them another 24 hrs, if don't hear from them, the only other thing I can do is to report them for cc fraud,and a report to the FTC, there based in California, I'm willing to work out any issues, just a simple reply from them and not some computerized autoresponse machine. I've probably said to much beens my first post, but I dislike people try to pull a scam, I deal with it everyday, I have many fraudulent sites suspended, spam, scam, money launder, mule job check scams, ponzie's, phish, investments, anyhow, the hoster



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    do a search on WHT for NOW
    you will find they have had issues raised here before.

    The rest I leave up to you.

    Welcome anyway.
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    Up early this morning, thanks for the reply, I'll do that


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    I made contact with by there abuse mail,
    Received this reply, which do not make sense, but could be good on the other hand. "CC fraud check" it does make sense.

    Your purchase is still in process as it was set to fraud check… Our billing system was unable to match all info related to purchase, once our accounting department arrives in morning it will be unlocked and the build will complete.

    We appreciate your patience.
    Scott Everhart

    I'm not sure what info didn't match, will see where it goes, maybe have better luck than the others using webhero.

    cheers folks,

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    Submit your domain to admins/mods so they can verify it. This will make sure that this isn't just a "Revenge post" against a company.

    Hopefully you find a host who knows how to support their customers

    Good Luck,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Internet-Guru View Post
    "Revenge post"
    This was not a revenge post, I do not make silly post like some troll, the issue has been fixed, from what I can tell, they check up on the CC for any fraud, beens, I did not know that, my domain and control panel is now usable. The site is, nothing ftped yet, working on site.

    Thanks for your concern I-G,
    I understand,


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    Ok cool, thanks for providing a domain Wasn't accusing you of making it a "Revenge Post" but you know, big forums like these get those posts

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