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    What is the solution to multiple CP's?

    What do hosting companys do about multiple control panels. For example, a hosting company may have customers use the following different control panels:

    cPanel Login
    Domain Login (Such as enom)
    Kayako or other support login
    Client Control panel for billing...

    Thats 4 different logins customers have to use. It would be great if there was a way to cut that down to like two such as cpanel and client control panel or at least when they sign up their logins work at all of them. Is there such a way?

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    One option that comes to mind is by creating a customized order/confirmation/registration page wherein the users can specify usernames, and other customer information once. Then you will propagate some of the information to your other support systems like control panel, ticket system, domain manager, billing system, announcement mailing lists, etc automatically using various available APIs.
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    Some systems utilize a shared login feature which allows you to use the same database for username and password. You would have to research which ones allow this.

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    you should never make your customers memorize more than 2 usernames/passwords to manage their services. One for billing/support/domain manamement, etc and another for their actual hosting account. it would be wise to allow them to login directly to their hosting account from their billing cp as well.

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    i know modernbill allowed this right? in their billing panel, allows them to login via cpanel.

    someting of the like

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    Yes that feature is supported in ModernBill 5+
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    you buy or create a client portal so they only have to be able to login to that

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