Greetings! My name is Timothy, a professional freelancer. To celebrate the upcoming holiday, I would like to offer my services to you and your organization for a limited time at a discount.

And by a discount - I mean DISCOUNT! This one time only, I am willing to barter with you! I will allow you to take advantage of my services, in return for some sort of actual item such as a Wii or iPod Touch! Sound crazy? Well, perhaps it is. But in return, you'll receive only my best as if you were paying.

Below are the services in which I am currently offering at a discount (ex: website development, content writing, graphic/photo editing, etc). Please read through the descriptions carefully to ensure you have a complete understanding of exactly what I offer.

Website Development-
With the Internet becoming the primary method for research and shopping, your business/organization will benefit greatly from having a web presence. Websites can be designed, developed, coded (in validated XHTML/CSS) and/or re-designed by me starting at $100.00! The price of your project will be based on complexity. For item/trade possibilities, please contact me.

Content Writing-
The context within your website tells a lot about you, and your organization. Additionally, the way in which the content is organized can guarantee placement in popular search engines (ex: Google, MSN,, etc.) or mark your website as a target for deletion from them. With content that is effective, easy to understand and individualized for both usability and scalability, you can almost guarantee a positive outcome. Content Writing services start at $50.00 and is primarily based on the complexity of the work required. For item/trade possibilities, please contact me.

Graphic/Photo Editing-
High quality photos, images, and graphics displayed on your website tell an enormous amount of information about your website to its visitor's. Whether you need some text replaced, a blemish removed or a simple reflection effect added, the skills and ability to do so lies within my hands. Starting at $20.00 you can take advantage of this service. For item/trade possibilities, please contact me.

Be aware that only serious, professional and honest individuals should contact me regarding their needs, requirements and project. Conducting business professionally is the only way that I will ever conduct business over the internet.

Should you wish to see examples of my work, or require additional information, simply send me a PM, or an e-mail at [email protected]. You will receive my full undivided attention during the working process. I will do my best to reply to your initial contact as soon as possible. To increase response efficiency, please include the following information
  • the service you are interested in
  • a brief description of your business and website
  • specific requirements as to what you need
  • any information regarding your time-frame, budget
  • additional comments, questions or concerns
Remember, these prices are only available for a limited time to celebrate the upcoming holiday. Be sure to contact me as soon as possible to ensure a guaranteed spot as a client.

NOTE: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a service I will offer along with website development. Contact me for more information.