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    a lot of questions about a server setup

    lot of questions about a server setup i whant to now some things if you can tell me fanks
    it is a systeem with linux os

    1 if you have 2 cpu's in your server and one is broken, can i replace it easy ?
    do the server still work on one cpu ? can i take the broken cpu out and put a new one in and still the server work when i do this ?

    2 What for backup option i have when the raid card is broken ?
    can i install software there for that the software take over.
    or must i put 2 raid cards in the server ?

    3 wich software i need when i whant raid software ( not a raid card ) ?
    raid 5 with hotspar and for linux os or raid 1 with hotspar

    4 when a raid card have a cpu with the speed 566 mhz
    and i have 2 cpu 2.0 ghz and i only whant to work with raid software
    can i than fink that i take about 566 mhz from the 2 cpu and the rest is for the server or to the software need to take more from my cpu's

    fanks for reading
    hope you can help me
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    1. Replacing the CPU would be fairly easy. You just need to take off the chassis cover, heatsink, replace cpu, put everything back on. A dual socket motherboard will work with just one CPU in it. You must unplug the power from the server before replacing any of its parts.

    2. RAID is not a backup solution. All it does is protect against drive failure. If you want to keep backups of your data, use something like rsync to transfer data to another hard drive. If you delete a file on the RAID array and need to recover it, how will you if you don't have a physical backup?

    3. You'll want to use mdadm to setup the RAID array in Linux. Whether or not you want to use RAID1 or RAID5 is really based on your needs. RAID1 will allow you to mirror the data to multiple drives, but the most data you can store is the size of the smallest drive in the array. RAID5 will allow you to have n-1 disk space where N is the number of drives. Hotspare simply means that if you lose a drive int he array it will automatically bring the spare into use.

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    #4.) Your question is unclear. If you get a raid card (expensive type) with a processor then your CPUs don't have to help in calculating as that is what it is for. It won't have to "borrow" from the main CPUs.

    Now if you are using software raid then your cpus will have to help in that.

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    With second question, I think he asks about the backup solution for the raid card and not the disk backup. If the hardware raid fails, can software raid take control automatically or another raid card should be supplied....
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    Fanks for the great reply's

    and yes david510 have it right .

    i mean when i put a raid card in the server and the raid card going to fail can i have a backupsolution for my raid card that everthing work stil fine
    ( software raid) or must i put 2 raidcards in 1 server for when 1 raid card fail the othere one takes over the server.

    4 with thit question i mean
    the raidcard have a cpu with the speed 566 mhz
    i have 2 cpu ( 2x2 ghz ) in my server
    So when i dont work with the raidcard and only work with raid software do the software raid olso take about 566 mhz from the cpu's from y server.

    or take the raid software more prom the cpu's from my server

    what i fink is this
    2x2 ghz = 4 ghz - 566 mhz is about 3,434 ghz for my server
    when the raid software is active

    so the question whas is this correct or take the raidsoftware must more power than a raidsoftware card

    i now when i put a raidcard inside i have 2x2 ghz= 4 ghz (cpu ) + 566 mhz from the raidcard
    raidcard takes max 566 mhz on full active
    software takes max ...... mhz on full active ????

    fanks everbody for reading and taking yout time to help me


    and have a nice day
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