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    Aletia don't cancel my account

    I decided to move out of and ask them which was my account aniversary date. After weeks they cameback asking me if I had the purchase order number. I finaly foud the order and it was about two weeks before my account aniversary date. So, I opened a ticket to cancel the account. No answer. A week or so later, sent an e-mail to sales. No answer. Right after that e-mail received an e-mail from the CC processor, saying they couldn't process my CC (the one I used expired). Sent another e-mail to sales, and... no answer. Are they bad, lazy or just don't want to cancel the account? I'm glad my CC expired and they can't use it, otherwise I would be charged by incompetency.
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    Well good luck with the cancellation. I left there a LONG time ago when support and uptime started to go 14.4 kbps

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    It will be easy. Just will not give my new CC and they will not be able to carge me.
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    I hate it when hosts do that. Not uncommon.

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    Some hosts don't seem to understand the holding a credit card hostage is not good business nor is it being a good person.
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    reisve, next time when a web host refuses to cancel your recurring billing go directly to the CC processor and cancel, and they will confirm it has been canceled.

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    Thanks. I hope there will be no next time.
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    I had numerous problem with cancelling Aletia.

    However because they use Revecom as the payment processor you can cancel your billing yourself.
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    They used PaySystems with me. The problem was soved by itself. Since thr CC I used expired, didn't pay for the renewal. Maybe they cancell it now. I don't care anyway. I moved my domains out of there some time ago.
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    We had a client switch one of his accounts from us to Aletia because he wanted to try the Cpanel installation they were using. He came back in a week and signed off on his order with "... now to get my money back from Aletia."

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    Right after my last post, I checked my account with them (using IP) and it stills there and I'm a week "late" on the payment. I was able to access my CPanel with no problems.

    I disagree a little about the phone number. I've been in support for a while, and my experience is that if you give a phone number, a support ticket system and a support e-mail address, they will use the phone and will be on your back every five minutes asking if the problem is solved. And for ALL customers, their problems are allways the more urgent and critical.

    Even with aphone number, you can simple connect it to an answering machine...
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