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    Im not sure if this is the right forum to post this question I am from the US however residing abroad in Costa Rica Im trying to see if anyone knows how to setup a proxy that I can put into my linksys or something that will allow for me to show a US address over the CR IP as I try to go to alot of different sites in the US and it says I am out of the area and cannot view this site, so I have multiple servers that hopefully I can use the IP of one of these and broadcast as if Im coming from the US if anyone has any ideas on this I would love to hear them as I am tired of not being able to view alot of the sites I need to view


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    Hi Tom

    You might want to try installing squid on one of your dedicated machines and run it as proxy-only, that is if you don't want to store the pages you are viewing.

    Then just configure your browser to point to that machine as its proxy. No need to configure your router to redirect traffic on http port to your proxy to simplify things.

    Just make sure you configure the ACLs properly so it will not abused and used as a public proxy server.

    Hope this helps.
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    I have a couple of vps set up running antinat which only allows my ip through. Works well for a sockss proxy.

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    You could install a proxy locally or you can set the proxy of your browser to a remote free one
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    You could use VPN to access your home machine and then remote desktop in and use your browser on your home computer... Thus you end up using your US IP.

    Just a thought.
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    i think you better sign up for a small US VPS package and install squid proxy there and then use that proxy server on your browser Half Dedicated Half Price
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    You saied you have some servers, if you have ssh access you can setup a openvpn or poptop vpn server and tunnel all your traffic trough the vpn. Would be a good solution in my opinion.

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