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    I have a potential client who wants to set up a forum like WHT for sports subjects. What amount of space/bandwidth should i expect them to use and where could i advise them to obtain more info. on WHT's particular type of board?


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    WHT is run on vbulletin but you could try looking at Invision Board (which we use) and phpbb. Regarding the space and bandwidth, this will depend on how busy your forum is.


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    It all depends on how big his forums are, like he said.

    Also I would avoid perl based forums as they tend to eat more resources/bandwidth. Keep it with php/mysql forums such as UBB.Threads, vBulletin, phpBB, Invisionboard, etc etc. But just as an idea here are some numbers from two of my forums.

    phpBB: 2600 members, 50,000 posts. DB = 28mb and the site does around 9gigabytes/month
    UBB.Threads: close to 600 members, 50,000 posts. DB = 18mb and the site does around 12gb/mo, forums alone do around 7-8gb/mo.

    So as you can see those are some pretty equal numbers. Both sites are have close to the same amount of activity per day so those numbers will be something to go from. Hope that helps some.

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    Thumbs up Thanks to dns and jeremy

    ok i think vbulletin is best interface.

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    phpbb2 is also good and for FREE

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    I think Invision beats them all.

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    It really depends on how many members, posts, pms, uploads, etc the user has.

    My vote goes for Invision Board over vBulletin as well. Although vBulletin is supposed to be a "WOW" project... I am very disapointed at the beta version ov vB3.

    I think Invision Board will soon take over all bulletin boards. But then again, whenever one board adds a feature... so do the others. It comes down to pricing then.

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    as people previously posted, go with PHP based (mysql backend) bulletin board and you will do fine. Regarding the interface.. you can rather easy customize colors/icons...

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