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    Moving from Plesk to Ensim

    Hello ,
    Im going to move my server from plesk panel (2.5.3) to Ensim (3.1),
    and i wanted to ask if anyone ever done this before , if you can tell me how hard is this ? , how much time does it take to move a single domain ? is there any program that can assist me ?
    im afraid that i'll be stucked days moving all my domains ( about 40 domains)

    please share .

    the reason im moving is quite simple , i love Plesk , but its 3 times more expensive than Ensim ...

    Thank You


    sorry for posting in the wrong forum , if a mod sees this , please move to hosting panles forum.
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    I think you need to move them one by one. Also you will need to create email accounts and databases manually. (Dump databases and create new database and move dumps ...)

    It will be very time consuming process. I have done this from CPanel to ensim for about 40 accounts and it took about 2 weeks ( 2 hours a day).

    Just something, This is a one way process Your customer base will grove and you will not have the option to reverse it. Moving 200 customers from one to the other is nearly impossible without a converter program.

    There is such a program for moving Plesk accounts to CPanel but I have not heared about other converters.

    You must do a strategic choice on control panel and continue with it.

    I myself have chosen Ensim for those customers who do not need much features but need stable websites and high uptime.

    Also CPanel for reseller services and those people who need flexible services with a lot of features.

    By the way I strongly suggest you to take a look at H-Sphere. i know at least two companies which are really professional on Ensim but are moving to H-Sphere (or adding it to their CPs).

    It has a one time fee for each client control panel login ($4-$4.5) but a lot of flexibility and features. It is a kind of investement that woths it.

    Take a look at (Matt is a real Ensim professional) but working with H-Sphere now.

    RemarkableHosting (Yet another Matt) is also very very professional with ensim (He has been with Ensim company in past) but he is starting new H-Sphere services.


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