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    Screen shots of my website design and want some input....

    The company is a woodturning company, we make turned products such as porch posts, newel posts, balusters, etc. I did the design myself and the graphics. What do you suggest I add to the website to make it more friendly or basically to improve it? For the contact us page i'm using and are those secure scripts to use becuase i read in another post aobut from matts scripts being hacked for spam and I don't want that happeneing. I also blocked out the name of the company because i haven't registered the domain yet.

    Intro with flash

    The page the flash intro takes you to after its done

    Javascript rollover on menu buttons

    On the contact page I have this form for them to contact us and it also sends their message to their email as well as ours.

    On the contact page as well it has a mailing list for us to contact them concerning sales and or updates and stuff.

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    I'd put this post in the Reviews forum.

    Just to keep everything nice and tidy


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    Hi, it seems to me that the menu font is hard to read because it is script. Usability is very important for businesses.

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