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    Need Coldfusion MX (Win or Unix) Reseller Acct

    Does anyone out there know of a reliable host that offers a Coldfusion MX reseller account under Windows or Unix? I would like the account to allow you to host multiple domains under one package but I still will still look at other options. Thanks for your help and suggestions in advance.

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    We Specialize in Windows 2000 Reseller, Shared & Dedicated Hosting Plans. We have CFusion MX Support on Windows 2000 Server(s). We will be launching our Linux Reseller Plans in 1 weeks time which will also have CFusion MX Support.

    You can view our current Windows 2000 Reseller Plans at

    If you have any questions feel free to mail me.

    With Best Regards,

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    A) belongs in Request forums
    B) not allowed to offer your services like that.

    Both need to go read the rules..

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    I will move my request to the request forum....Anyone looking for Coldfusion MX look for my request in the Request forum

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