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    Looking for a C++ Programmer: Details Inside

    I am looking for a C++ programmer to partner with me on building a product.

    I will design the physical layout of the product, but I need a programmer to accomplish the backend.

    I will handle the marketing, and legal work down the road. If you are a C++ programmer, and looking for a project to work on, contact me.

    This is going to be an instant messeging product. I cannot disclose to much information of the product, but it will be sold to a rather large company.

    Once again, I am looking for someone to code the backend in C++. A team is welcome, but you will split your 50% with your team.

    For more details, please email me. This will be marketed for a large sum. Please, serious inquiries only.

    [email protected]

    -Josh Odmark
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    I sent you an e-mail

    Marian Software on the Web

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    Keep the emails coming!

    Thank you to those who have responded!

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