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    Question Is there any service that offers...

    ...the ability to use your own box for the dedicated server? I have my own server box, it's nothing fancy but it will do the job. I just need to find a decent provider for bandwidth (no cogent..), and possibly a good deal on a control panel. I already am a reseller for someone else, but I figure it's always good to have different locations to offer services from.

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    Yes, that's what colocation is. You put the server in their datacenter and run your hardware on their network. Anyone who offers colocation can help. Try posting in the request forums, you'll probably get lots of replies.

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    Sorry, haven't gotten a lot of sleep because of this accelerated college course I've been taking. Can't believe I blanked on Co-location...

    Anyways, yeah...I'm looking for a tower case co-location service. If any mods want to move this thread, please do so...
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    Not to be harsh, but you being on here, you should already no that....

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