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    2 serverset up both with WHM and CPanel


    I have just got a new server, both servers are from different suppliers! And both have Cpanel and WHM.

    I have set up the namservers for the new server, can I connect the 2 in some way as I can see it becoming an administrative nightmare.

    I now have 3 servers all with different nservers (only 2 have WHM)

    My FAQ is going to look like an A to Z roadmap and I smell confussion all around and lots of questions from my customers like do i connect to server1/~user or user2/~server.

    how do other larger hosting companies get arround this?

    Any advice appreciated

    Regards ivaserver or 2 or 3

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    Yeah, you just replicate the DNS between the 2 machines
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    Replicate the DNS Mmmm!

    Do you mean i enter something in WHM zone files. also do i need to enter new ip's with my registrar

    in dotster Cpanel i get the option to make my domain a nameserver, which i have obviously done as in ns1 and ns2 should i now make ns3 and ns4 with ip's from the other server?

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    Yes, it's the 'Establish A Trust Relationship' link on the dns menu. Check the documentation at

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    Thank you both for your help,

    It worked like a dream

    does this mean that i can now enter new accounts on the new server and still ask customer to use the other servers nservers?

    Bit of a tongue twister!


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    Here's a really useful step by step guide to making it work from the cpanel support forum.

    This is a complete step by step instruction:
    Get your Slave DNS working (Secondary DNS)

    A) Declarations:

    We consider as primary DNS as secondary DNS (Slave DNS)

    Server 1 which contains your Primary DNS
    Server 2 which will contain your Slave DNS after following these Steps

    We consider Server 2 as a clean server I mean a server without DNS zones (Customers' domains) also if you have DNS zones already on the server 2 additional settings and commands are necessary which should be done by an expert IT engineer and is beyond the size of this post due to its various cases.
    But if you can delete server2 domains & users you can go ahead, don’t forget to use this command at next :
    On server 2 In WHM -> DNS Functions -> Perform a DNS Cleanup

    B) Before you Begin:

    1. Make sure your /etc/hosts & /etc/resolv.conf are correct on all servers

    /etc/hosts :

    # Do not remove the following line, or various programs
    # That requires network functionality will fail. localhost.localdomain localhost
    Server2-IP Server2

    /etc/resolv.conf :

    # you can have additional nameserver here

    2. Using server2 IP address as is recommended however you can move the current IP to the Server 2 or reserve a new IP on the Server 2, if you want to move IP address first you can delete from server 1, and add to server 2 then reserve it, make sure to “rebuild the IP address pool” on both servers

    3. Attention: if you change IP, it is required to update
    I- /etc/resolv.conf on all servers
    II- ns2 “DNS A” record on the primary server (Server1 WHM->DNS Functions->Edit a DNS Zone-> )
    III- NS2 record within your Domain Registrar

    4. Connect to server 2 by SSH and type:

    dig axfr

    dig axfr @

    You should see your DNS records, it ensures that you have domain transfer right
    Notice: If you want to know more read about AXFR and IXFR protocols or refer to BIND documents

    5. You should have SSH on both servers set-up and working correctly.

    6. Initial Name Server (BIND) on Server 2

    C) Setting up Slave DNS on Server 2

    * Go to server2 WHM and follow these steps

    1. Server Setup -> Edit Setup -> in “Master Name Server” field add the IP address of
    * all other fields should have valid information like BIND version, name servers and etc.

    2. DNS Functions -> “Establish A Trust Relationship With a Primary Nameserver”

    What you will need to enter during the process is the Master NameServer (server 1) root password

    *This Step uses SSH to connect to the Master Server then processing the right commands; SSH connection could be established by various ciphering algorithms -SSH(1) & RSA keys, SSH(2) DSS/DSA keys-, I mean SSH is required on both servers working properly to pass this step. If you experienced any problem about SSH just Post a reply I’ll write another Instruction about How to make SSH key pairs.

    3. DNS Functions -> “Synchronize DNS Records With Primary Nameserver”

    4. DNS Functions -> Edit a DNS Zone

    All of the Zones on Server 1 should be appeared

    Congratulations! OK that’s it. Now you have the Slave DNS (Secondary) Online.

    Don’t use above instructions if you don’t understand the steps.

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