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    I'm looking for a host that's a well respected large company,...

    ...has 1-800 number support that actually answers, and (this is the catch) is about 10 bucks a month (or less ) Can anyone think of anything?


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    You mean you really want them to ANSWER the 800 number?

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    Yeah. It would be nice. I don't see the point in HAVING the number when they don't ANSWER. *cough*IPowerWeb*cough* But they don't even have a 1-800 number.


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    I suppose it would depend on what you want for that $10 too. Poor maintainence and support more often that not comes from a lack of available cash resources. ie: someone decides to get into the game without writing out a business plan, then works out later that it costs a little more then they thought it would.

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    Don't know if people think it's a "well repected, large" company but...

    One I used to use until I out grew their plans a few years ago was though you won't get much with their cheapest plan which is $9.99 per month.

    But, if toll free numbers are what you want, they have them.

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    Hmm I think you just need to consider that hosts don't need a 1-800 number to be helpful and successful. Some of the bests hosts out there today use e-mail as their main source of communication, it's fast or faster when used right.

    I think using instant messaging/ticket support and e-mail are the best ways to communicate with customers, it's cost effective and fast.

    You also must keep in mind that having the luxury of a 1-800 number to dail up is going to cost you more.... it seems like you're not willing to pay for that luxury

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    When hosts reach certain sizes it just doesn't become possible (unless they have very expensive packages) to run 1-800 phone support. 1-800 support is almost useless for clients outside the US. You have to remember hosting is a global business and companies service clients worldwide, not just those in the US.

    Also bigger doesn't always mean better, just look at C(I)Host for example.

    We found email support to be a pain so we changed to a ticket system. Our clients seem to like the new system better, it allows us to respond faster as multiple technicians can go in and out, view, respond and track the ticket until resolution. A ticket system works perfectly and you get fast responses to your problems, providing the company has enough staff and has the support system 'tweaked' for the best performance.

    Just because you had a bad experience with another host that didn't offer phone support, it doesn't mean you're going to have a bad experience with every host.

    Good luck in your search!
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