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    Critique all you want - Hosting website... IS IT ANY GOOD???

    Please let me know what you think of this hosting company site...

    This is the best place for constructive criticism... let me know if there is anything i should include or remove to make it easier for prospective clients...

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    very nice site design, the only thing that didnt appeal to me was the blue underline links maybe change the colors togo with the site more, but all in all great site keep up the good work!!!

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    Your look is nice. It's easy to navigate and pleasing on the eyes. I agree with redqube about the underlined links! Also, run a spell checker over your index page. (See the words "receive," "height," and "successful.")

    Good work and good luck to you!

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    I agree all around- good job. Now just work in a little css and a spellcheck and you should be good to go.

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    ur in the need of some css too. heh

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    I am very open to suggestions- please PM me if there's problems you see with my new site design or suggestions for improvement- thanks.

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    It doesn't really have anything to do with your site's design, but why the limits on the number of WMA, ASF, and RAM files (as seem in the package descriptions)

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    Nice design. The website fits into the browser well and everything. A little work with the links is all i can see. Maybe use some CSS and make the links underline when the mouse is over them. I dont know just a suggestion.

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    as everyone has commented, it is a nice site design.

    the first thing that grabs my attention is the logo. i'm feeling the effects. the drop shadow can stay, but just tone that down. the others should go. it doesn't flow with the overall design. i would also push it to the right more so it looks more centered in the header.

    the header looks pretty good. i'm not too sure about the enlarged, screened back logo on the top right. i'm not sure what to think. i'll let you and the others think about that. i like how you have a blue image on the left to accent the logo. nice touch. those effects on the header image... that is another thing i don't know what to think. i don't know if you should remove it or add more and put it in random areas of the header and left navigation. play around with that a bit.

    the navigation is pretty nice. i would stretch it to the right some more. it looks too narrow for my blood. i don't like the fact that it says "site navigation", remove it. the house image above site navigation should also be removed. the house image included. instead, have the logo be your home button and add it in the navigation. the dash or bullet thing is something i can also deal without.

    the package deal on the home page... the different color green is confusing me. use the same green in the header or make it more evident that the green is different. that can mean using a dark green. i would also use the word pack instead of pak. but, that's just me. i think i like the effects on the price. the thing that bothers me is that it is not used else where. then it just looks like just added it on for kicks.

    i say remove the credit card logos or reduce them. the same goes for the logos redhat, php, and mysql. they seem to be pretty bold. also try to keep it away from the content. like add some distance between them.

    when you go to the about us page... i like the arrow thing applied to every page to create some unity. the green seems to be different too. do you i said about the packages and apply it the same way.

    when you go to the hosting paks page, i don't think the "compare packages looks that good. too stretch, about to the point that it is hard to read.

    is it really necessary to have 24x7 support repeated? one static and the other animated. i say keep one. if i had to choose one, i would keep the header one since that is on every page.

    overall, great job. a lot of the stuff are minor. but, as it goes, they add up...

    i hope that helped out and was something you wanted to hear or not hear. good luck on whatever you choose to do.

    take care.

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    Thanx everyone

    Thanx everyone... these are alot of good suggestions.... looks like the consensus is definetly CSS... was heading that route eventually... and some spellchecking LOL!!>..

    visualnewbie... thanx for the detailed feedback... some of your points are great... and I will be implementing them....

    This week i will tweak it... and next week it's off to the local marketting races...

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