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    I read a recent post about whether was any good. There was one response and the guy said to make a search for it in the forum and that was the only reply. I am interested in so I made a search through this site to see if anyone had reviewed it or something...

    couldn't find anything on it.

    Could anyone either lead me to an objective review (on this forum or elsewhere) or even tell me what is like? I would be very thankful.

    Raji --temporarily unavailable

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    About Totally

    I know that the guys there are very noble and helpfull.

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    I have an account with TotallyHosted now. I have been pleased with support and service. I have been there from the start when they took over Eshore hosting. Had a few bumps in the transistion, but overall very good. The best thing is that the owner and support stay in communication with the users.

    You might read through their forum Totallyhosted Forum

    PM if you have specific questions

    Lone Starr

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    I know that Ben guy, he`s friendly...
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    thanks guys this has been helpful. Sounds to me like everyone who had anything to say had good things to say about them. I especially like the fact that I can go on a month to month basis with them and yes, the owner does stay in contact with people. I talked with him a few times on the forum.

    Lone Starr: I've been to their forum and frankly it's very empty... there isn't much there... hehe. I mean I read all 6 total posts there! (dramatization ) --temporarily unavailable

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    This is probably one of the threads they were referring to:

    I'm not sure what to make of it, I guess that's up to you. I have no personal experience with any of the parties involved so I can't give you an opinion either way.

    Good luck with your host search,

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    A friend of mine is currently hosted with them. ( )

    He likes the host alot and from his saying they are a great host. He's even been advertising for them else where.

    So... they've got at least one happy customer!

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    well I've heard a balance of good and bad about TotallyHosted... BUT it does seem that the negative is based on what the site USED to be... so far I haven't read anything bad about the current owner of the hosting site and it does seem pretty good. --temporarily unavailable

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