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    Cool Web Design

    Hi I am kind of new to web design. I have recently put out a new website and thought I did a bang up job. However, after talking to some good designers they say I have the basics but could be better. Could you take a look and let me know where to begin to get to the next level? The site is I don't learn much from tutorials so can anyone recommend a good design book to get me to the next level?


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    Color scheme need work, quicken up the flash and add some more graphics and content. I really like the mouseover on the buttons, but I am not sure it fits with the rest of the design, and I really don't like the aqua----compared to the other colors (which are all primary) If you want to design in all primary, it would work well for your site especially with the content you are working with, but the aqua is not a match for these types of colors- you could substitute red, blue, yellow, black, white, and all grays and still pull off a design in primary colors (which tend to be a 'happy' choice of colors) Good luck

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    the huge blank space at the bottom could be removed. it doesnt serve any purpose (well at least i think it doesnt.. )

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    u r site is down

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    the seperation is good and I like that. but at first you give the impression that you want an applet like design where everything is closed off but then on the right it opens back up. Also the colors need some work, for example bright red on bright blue(if there is such a thing) doesnt work. Very hard on the eyes. Also on the left your sidebar is basically worthless and should be removed. You can put those two buttons elsewhere. And on the buttons they work well but you may want to reverse the flash to give more of a "going here" feel to the buttons. Top right button or image I cant even make out. So that needs fixed. Anway.

    Hope that helps.

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